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Garretson, Home of the Blue Dragons! > High School

Welcome to the Garretson High School!

000002544.JPGWelcome to Garretson High School, Home of the Blue Dragons.  GHS makes it a priority for our students to meet the Garretson School District Mission statement of “Creating a Gateway to Life-Long Learning” by offering approximately 140 students over 40 different required and elective class options right here in Garretson.  These classes are led by 18 professional educators that have effective educational practices and strive to communicate with students and parents to provide the best educational setting and experience possible.

In addition to traditional class offerings, GHS also helps students find alternative curriculum options as well.  Whether through online classes, career and technical offerings via the CTE Academy in Sioux Falls, or even allowing students to explore post-secondary options through a variety of universities and technical institutes while still enrolled in high school - GHS is able to provide a quality education and a variety of options for all its students.  GHS also sponsors numerous fine art and athletic activities as a member of the South Dakota High School Activities Association (SDHSAA).  We encourage you to come and visit us and see all the benefits that GHS has to offer - most importantly, a great education.

Please feel free to contact us at (605) 594-3452  Option 1 Ext. 3.   

It’s great to be a GHS student and a Garretson Blue Dragon!

Chris Long, Garretson High School Principal


 High School Staff, Email and Websites

HS MS Guidance Danielsen, Stephanie​

HS MS SpanishPrieto, Ashley

HS Science Furness, Geof

HS MS Special Ed Gnadt, Julie

K-12 Art Granberg, Lynsay

HS Business/Computer Blok,​​

HS Math/Science Howe, Beverly

HS English Hughes, Tim

HS Math/Science Bohl, http://​​

​HS/MS Study HallTheilen, Andrea ​
K-12 PE/Health Mudder, Dave

HS Ag Kientopf, Alysha​​

K-12 Vocal Music Robinson, Kelby​

HS English Buchholz, Kelsey​

HS Social StudiesSteckler, Kevin

K-12 Librarian

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10/12/2016 6:04 PMLong, Chris
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9/27/2016 9:28 AMLong, Chris
11/1/2016 9:53 AMLong, Chris
1/18/2017 10:19 AMLong, Chris
9/27/2016 9:28 AMLong, Chris
9/27/2016 9:28 AMLong, Chris
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